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What is it?
As mentioned in this post our hair is porous. This refers to our hairs ability to absorb water/chemicals into the cortex.  Damage to the hair shaft can increase the hair's level of porosity. Too much porosity means we cant retain moisture (which may be why your hair feels dry). 

Porosity is something that many people struggle with, especially if your hair is damaged or curly. My hair in particular has high porosity this means that water can move in and out of it easily. The problem with this is that my hair loses moisture very easily and therefore gets dry and frizzy quickly. 

open cuticles/pores 

How can you tell if your hair is porous?
Do a porosity test! 
Cut a bit of your hair off or use hair that has shed from your head and put it in water. If your hair floats it has normal porosity, if it sinks it has high porosity. 
Personally my ends sink and my roots float suggesting damage to the ends of my hair. 

How to fix it?

  1. First option is to use a protein treatment such as Aphogee protein conditioner which can be seen in this post
  2. Second option is use an apple cider rinse.
Closed cuticles/pores

Apple cider rinse
Rinsing apple cider vineger helps the PH balance of hair as well as closing cuticle scales. This results in shiner and smoother hair. It's also very cheap!

Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into 1 cup (250ml) of warm tap water. Rinse this through your hair after shampooing and conditioning.

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