Monday, 29 July 2013

Quick Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy Update!

It's now been 9 weeks since my treatment and it's pretty much all washed out my hair. I was told it lasts up to 12 weeks. During the nine weeks i've washed my hair approximately 13ish times. So we could say the treatment lasts 13 washes rather than 13 weeks. 

 My hair still feels a bit smoother but it no longer shiny. If I was going to get the treatment re-done I would do so now. So overall this treatment has cost me £16.60 a week! Which is a lot!

In comparison, if I buy it myself it could cost around 8.30 a week or less!

I'll definitely be getting the treatment again and buying myself a bottle.

I may still do a 'final thoughts' post feel free to ask me tons of questions and I'll answer them in that post.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Nail rubbing and hair growth

I  normally avoid bandwagons but after hearing about nail rubbing I thought I'd give it try. I've probably been on a mini nail rubbing experiment for almost a year! In my opinion nail rubbing did increase my hair growth. Nail rubbing actually made my head tingle and when I stopped my hair growth appeared to slow down.

Of course I could be talking complete rubbish, it could be placebo effect or it could be all in my head.

What is nail rubbing?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

How to look after your hair in a heat wave!

In England there is currently a heat wave, in the south east (where I'm from) its getting to around 32 degrees. I know that will sound like nothing to anyone across the pond but for us English its pretty hot!

Click

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System: Update

As many of you will know I had the design essentials Strengthening Therapy System 6 weeks ago. You can read about it here. This is just going to be a quick update on how i'm doing with it and my opinion of the treatment overall.

Expectation: Endless shine
Reality: Some shine. My roots have been really shiny and nice but the lengths and ends of my hair have  been less shiny. When the hairdresser put on the treatment I noticed that the treatment wasn't evenly spread to my ends. I feel that this un even application may have contributed to some uneven shine.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Chantelle is Away

Well i'm not away yet but I'm leaving tonight so I won't be positing for a while. 

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