Monday, 29 July 2013

Quick Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy Update!

It's now been 9 weeks since my treatment and it's pretty much all washed out my hair. I was told it lasts up to 12 weeks. During the nine weeks i've washed my hair approximately 13ish times. So we could say the treatment lasts 13 washes rather than 13 weeks. 

 My hair still feels a bit smoother but it no longer shiny. If I was going to get the treatment re-done I would do so now. So overall this treatment has cost me £16.60 a week! Which is a lot!

In comparison, if I buy it myself it could cost around 8.30 a week or less!

I'll definitely be getting the treatment again and buying myself a bottle.

I may still do a 'final thoughts' post feel free to ask me tons of questions and I'll answer them in that post.

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