Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Nail rubbing and hair growth

I  normally avoid bandwagons but after hearing about nail rubbing I thought I'd give it try. I've probably been on a mini nail rubbing experiment for almost a year! In my opinion nail rubbing did increase my hair growth. Nail rubbing actually made my head tingle and when I stopped my hair growth appeared to slow down.

Of course I could be talking complete rubbish, it could be placebo effect or it could be all in my head.

What is nail rubbing?

Nail rubbing is pretty much what it says on the tin, its rubbing your nails against each other. I've read that you should do it for five minutes three times a day however I'd rub my nais when ever I had spare time. For example, watching youtube videos, on the train etc. This is one of the reasons I tried it, it takes little effort, I can do it whenever I want and really there is nothing to lose.

How does it work?
Acupressure is an ancient healing art using the fingers to release muscular tension and promote blood circulation. The important part here is that it promotes blood circulation. Many people promote blood circulation by giving them selves head massages and even try to use the "inversion method".

If you are going to give it a go, i'd try it regularly for at least a month before giving up.

I am tempted to document my hair growth in pictures with and without nail rubbing, let me know if any of you would find that useful!

What do you think about nail rubbing?

Note: As pointed out by LYDZ before trying this because read up on it, it is also not recommended for those with high blood pressure.


  1. I think I am confused.
    How does nail rubbing increase circulation to your scalp?

    Britt @ One&20

    1. There is little understanding of how it works, it's not scientific at all! I think its to do with reflexology... which I know shouldn't work but it SEEMED to work for me!

      Nice blog btw.


  2. I've read about this before and the concept seems odd, but guess there's no harm in trying! x

  3. That is one bandwagon I can't get on, IDK why but everytime I read about that it crawls my blood.

  4. I read about this before on a blog which led me to Google search and an Indian blog(from where the practice originates) it's not recommended for people with high blood pressure if am not mistaken so anyone who wants to try it should first research the dos and don'ts.

  5. Can any body tell me does it stops hair fall or not and thinning of hairs

  6. Hi, I would like to see pics of your hair with and without nail rubbing. Thanks in advance

  7. Interesting! I came across a challenge that included nail rubbing! I'm gonna give it a try!

  8. We mentioned this article on our website Rubbing Your Nails Together


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