Wednesday, 17 July 2013

How to look after your hair in a heat wave!

In England there is currently a heat wave, in the south east (where I'm from) its getting to around 32 degrees. I know that will sound like nothing to anyone across the pond but for us English its pretty hot!

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With this summers heat it can be hard to know what to do with your hair! As discussed here, sun damage isn't only a problem for skin it's also a problem for our hair. To prevent sun damaged hair be sure to use a UV protecting hair treatment for example NO7 Glossy Locks Hair Spritz from boots which is £6. You could also wear a hat to shade your hair, scalp and head.

When going swimming in a pool with chlorine its really important to wash all the chlorine out. The best way to do this is to get your hands on a a swimmers shampoo which if you do a quick google search you will find. Chlorine is really damaging so make sure you wash the chlorine out as soon as possible.

It can often be hard to find a nice summer hair style, I'd recommend either heatless curls using flexi rods  or protective styles, of which examples can be found on my pinterest here.

One of the bains of my life (when I havent had my hair treated with this here) is my hair swelling and getting huge and frizzy with humidity. A great way to prevent this is to use oil on your hair, such as grape seed, macadamia nut or coconut oil.

Finally, the heat can really dry out hair so don't forget to give it a good deep condition once a week!

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