Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Great Video: Protein/Moisture Balance Basics

This is a great video by 'The Science of Black Hair' about the Protein and Moisture Balance. This is great for anyone, she uses analogies which I have never heard before.

What do you think about this video?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Relaxers: Are they damaging to health?

Relaxers have not only been found to cause dandruff, hair weakening, scalp burns and scarring of the scalp (Olasode Olayinka, 2009)   but according to  this article it can lead to an increased uterine leiomyomata risk. This can eventually result in infertility and other implications.

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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Experimenting with my 100% Natural Curly Hair

I've really been craving wearing some pretty natural hair styles, the reason most being the ease! I would love to just wash my hair, put it in a pretty updo/ style or whatever and go! So i'll be trialing this over the Easter holidays when i'm away from university.

This is something I've never really experimented with so I am definitely nervous, the products i'm using to help me with this include EcoStyler Gel and the products I received in my rosebox.

So here is a picture of my just washed natural hair, I think its about a 3b/c? What do you guys think?

Does anyone have any style suggestions?

(My ends look thinner because I have layers)

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Random hair tip #9

Turn down the heat!

There is no need to turn your flat iron/ hair culer to the hottest heat. Test it out on the lower settings first to find optimum settings!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

BaByliss PRO Perfect Curl

I know I know, a second post in one day! How annoying. But when I saw this I couldn't help myself.

I've recently viewed this new product available for pre oder in England. Watch the video for information.

It looks very interesting and would make curling so easy!

However, it is £120. Which is very very steep. I'd be very interested to see if its worth that money and even if it would work on my thick hair.

I already own close to 10 curlers/ stylers so why is this one actually any better? I'm guessing that it may be faster and I guess it would create pretty much perfect results every time, on the down side I can imagine my hair getting sucked up and stuck in what ever was inside, i'd also really hope it had some sort of heat setting function so it didn't damage my hair.

You can pre order it here. I don't think I'll be preordering just because I don't feel like spending £120 on something which may chew up my hair, but I would hope to see some reviews of this product on black/mixed race hair.

What do you think?

Review: Organix Flat Iron Spray

As you may have seen here, I bought this as part of a haul. Let me start by saying, this did not work for me. The reason it has now been thrown away is because its contributed to damage. I've found that when using it, despite how long how I leave the product to sink in it still produces steam when I use my flat iron, even though this is designed for a flat iron!

I know its this product because the parts of my hair without the product on did not steam. I'm hoping that if I complete a decent protein treatment in the next few weeks it should help the damage but it wont completely repair it. If anyone knows how to help my bubble hair problem PLEASE let me know.

I used this yesterday and noticed that where  steam was coming from my hair is where it is now damaged from 'bubble hair'. This means that the water in my hair has turned to steam and destroyed that part of the hair. This hasn't only happened at the ends of my hair but also at the top and at the roots. YES the roots. The damaged hair at my root will not be able to be cut out, it will have to grow out, which could take years before it is at the ends of my hair!

I am so so unhappy! I was very excited to try this product but I will never buy organix products again! I  still have one organix product which is the coconut serum which I may just throw away too.

Overall rating: 0*

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

March RoseBox

As you may have seen in my recent current craves post I wanted a rosebox. It's basically a subscription service of beauty products for curly hair, today I received mine which I was very excited about!

Firstly the box is really cute and ill defenitly be using it for something. I think I was meant to receive a magazine but unfortunately didn't get one :(.

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Found this post on and thought I should answer the questions on my blog.

1.What is your current length?
My current length is just over a cm below bra strap 
2. What is your ultimate goal length?
My ultimate goal length is healthy waist length, but I sort of want to get to hip length if I can but I don't think I would keep that length for long.
3. Had any setbacks in your journey so far?
Not hugely but I have realised that the amount of heat I used last year causes a 'set back' although I still retained 6 inches after a trim. 
4. After you reach your goal will you continue to maintain that length OR if relaxed will you go natural and start another journey?
Once I reach my goal I would try to grow it to hip length then cut it back to waist I think, but who knows. 
5. What are you looking forward to the most when you reach your goal?
Just having long pretty hair, that is healthy. I'm definitely looking forward to cutting down protective styling as well. 

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Exam Season

Just thought I'd let you all know that its coming up to exam season so I may not post as much in the next few weeks. I am currently wearing my hair in its natural state, going heat free, for a few weeks.

However, my cheerleading squad has been nominated for a few awards by the university so if I get all my revision done I am hoping to go to the "Sports Ball" which I will do my hair for and do maybe a mini update on it?

Anyway that's all I had to say for now, if anyone wants any posts on how to deal with university exams? or general exam stress let me know!

Wish me luck! How are your exams going?

Friday, 1 March 2013

Heatless Waves

Heatless waves are my new favourite hair style, they stay all day or night and look really pretty. Best of all they are heatless.

These are some photos of this style, was just wondering if you guys think I should do a tutorial, or if you think heatless tutorials have been done to death.

 Please excuse what i'm wearing! I had just got up.

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