Saturday, 16 March 2013

BaByliss PRO Perfect Curl

I know I know, a second post in one day! How annoying. But when I saw this I couldn't help myself.

I've recently viewed this new product available for pre oder in England. Watch the video for information.

It looks very interesting and would make curling so easy!

However, it is £120. Which is very very steep. I'd be very interested to see if its worth that money and even if it would work on my thick hair.

I already own close to 10 curlers/ stylers so why is this one actually any better? I'm guessing that it may be faster and I guess it would create pretty much perfect results every time, on the down side I can imagine my hair getting sucked up and stuck in what ever was inside, i'd also really hope it had some sort of heat setting function so it didn't damage my hair.

You can pre order it here. I don't think I'll be preordering just because I don't feel like spending £120 on something which may chew up my hair, but I would hope to see some reviews of this product on black/mixed race hair.

What do you think?


  1. U should definitely try oils on ur skin :) i wouldnt say there are any adverse effects, i use it after showering so obviously if ur skin is not very dry, apply the oil when ur body is still soaking wet (to dilute the oil) if your skin is medium dry, apply when damp, or if ur skin is super dry just apply dry or almost dry xx


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