Saturday, 16 March 2013

Review: Organix Flat Iron Spray

As you may have seen here, I bought this as part of a haul. Let me start by saying, this did not work for me. The reason it has now been thrown away is because its contributed to damage. I've found that when using it, despite how long how I leave the product to sink in it still produces steam when I use my flat iron, even though this is designed for a flat iron!

I know its this product because the parts of my hair without the product on did not steam. I'm hoping that if I complete a decent protein treatment in the next few weeks it should help the damage but it wont completely repair it. If anyone knows how to help my bubble hair problem PLEASE let me know.

I used this yesterday and noticed that where  steam was coming from my hair is where it is now damaged from 'bubble hair'. This means that the water in my hair has turned to steam and destroyed that part of the hair. This hasn't only happened at the ends of my hair but also at the top and at the roots. YES the roots. The damaged hair at my root will not be able to be cut out, it will have to grow out, which could take years before it is at the ends of my hair!

I am so so unhappy! I was very excited to try this product but I will never buy organix products again! I  still have one organix product which is the coconut serum which I may just throw away too.

Overall rating: 0*


  1. I've never heard of bubble hair before.

    I hope you manage to grow out the damage quickly.

    1. I know! I never had till recently but I think its the biggest problem for my hair. So do I!


  2. The product gives great results! silky, soft, smooth hair but after a few uses you start to notice dry damaged ends. Not to mention the citric acid in it lightens your hair over time. Not worth it!

    1. Didn't even notice the citric acid! Thanks for letting me know


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