Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Found this post on and thought I should answer the questions on my blog.

1.What is your current length?
My current length is just over a cm below bra strap 
2. What is your ultimate goal length?
My ultimate goal length is healthy waist length, but I sort of want to get to hip length if I can but I don't think I would keep that length for long.
3. Had any setbacks in your journey so far?
Not hugely but I have realised that the amount of heat I used last year causes a 'set back' although I still retained 6 inches after a trim. 
4. After you reach your goal will you continue to maintain that length OR if relaxed will you go natural and start another journey?
Once I reach my goal I would try to grow it to hip length then cut it back to waist I think, but who knows. 
5. What are you looking forward to the most when you reach your goal?
Just having long pretty hair, that is healthy. I'm definitely looking forward to cutting down protective styling as well. 

6. What is your hair type?
My hair type is maybe in the 3C / 3B
7. Will you ever color your hair?
I was going to last year but got scared, I may do when I reach a goal length. If I do I will cut it a few inches and only go a few shades lighter 
8. What has been the most challenging on your hair journey so far?
My most challenging would have to be not using heat, only now after being on my journey longer than a year am I feeling that I am cutting down heat enough. 

9. Are there other family members/friends on a hair journey as well?
My sister sort of is.
10. Are you a product junkie?

         At heart, but due to student lifestyle I don't have a huge haul, I am actually attempting to use a          lot of my products up and when I have more money I will splurge a bit.

11. What is your favorite hair accessories?
My favorite hair accessories... That's a good question, can I answer with bobby pins. I wear them all the time. I love cheer bows too but I can't wear them about.
12. What is your favorite store to buy hair products?
eBay, amazon. Basically anywhere online since I don't have beauty stores near me.
13.What is your favorite protective style?
The one I use most frequently is buns, but its not my favourite. 
14. Who is your hair inspiration?
Anyone with healthy long hair.
15.How long have you been on your hair journey?
I have been on and off many hair journey's. But I officially started this one, which is all natural and that I am committed to since summer 2011.
16. What is your favorite hair product?
Deep conditioner of course! I love a thick, creamy conditioner
17. What do you love most about your hair?
Currently its length, also its health and thickness. So I can't really choose one thing!

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