Wednesday, 3 April 2013

To Weave or not to Weave

So as you can see here, I did used to wear weaves during my unintentional transition from relaxed to natural. I'm considering getting a hair weave again for a few months to stop me using heat and to stop me playing with my hair. Although, I really can't decide if I should on not.

  • Protects natural hair via protective styling
  • Stops heat usage of natural hair
  • Can directly measure growth, because the weave is normally so close to the scalp when the hair grows it moves away from the scalp and therefore you can see exactly how much growth there is
  • Don't have to spend hours and hours detangling, styling etc.

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    Naomi Campbell bald patch from weaves
  • Expensive, especially if you want nice hair which lasts.
  • Where to get it done, I used to get it done at a hair dressers about 30 minutes from my home town but they always pulled my hair far far too tight, I also found them rude and the struggles with the length of my natural hair even when it was above BSL.
  • Can damage hair
  • Shedding - From what I remember by previous weaves would shed like crazy leaving hair everywhere I went.

So I've now been researching U-Part Weaves/ Wigs. They look fairly easy to make and mean I can take care of my natural hair but washing it well and deep conditioning. It has the same Pros as a Weave but with less of the cons from a weave which really interests me.

If I'm going to Weave or make a U-Part Weave I will be doing so in July, which I know is ages away but it gives me time to think about it. Also I don't want to get one during university incase I have issues with it.


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