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Feature: Nikky of Green beauty Channel

I got the chance to talk to Nikky and ask her a few questions. If you haven't heard of her you NEED to check out her videos on youtube, they are so informative and useful. Her blog, youtube page etc. are listed at the end of her interview.

1. Introduce yourself: 
My name is Nikky. I was born in Brooklyn NY.  I’ve lived in different parts of the county and currently spend most of my time between California and NY/NJ.  I’m of African descent, specifically Nigeria. I have a B.S in Finance and I’m currently pursuing a M.S in Statistics, hence my relationship with research lol.         

2. What is your current hair status?
 I’m currently natural.  According to my Green Beauty Complete Hair Typing System (above), I have a ‘S’ and ‘O’ curl pattern and an extremely tight texture.  My hair’s density is thick, so I have a lot of hair strands on my head.  And my individual hair strands are also thick.  Finally, and most importantly, on average I have a balanced porosity.    

It’s important to test your complete hair type rather than to assume.  A better understanding of your complete hair type will help you make better product and handling decisions with your hair.  Watch my three part series that goes over (in detail) how to properly test your hair and fill out your chart.  

Hair Type (Part 1) ~ Current Flawed Hair Typing System & Why Hair Typing is Needed
Hair Type (Part 2) - Green Beauty Complete Hair Typing System
Hair Type (Part 3) - Good Hair & Bad Hair

Click below to read more.

3. How long have you been on a hair journey?

Mini Twist Updo
I have been natural a little over 2 years.  2.4 to be exact  

4. Why did you choose to start up your youtube channel?
To gather more information on how to care for my hair.  I quickly noticed that there were and still is tons of conflicting information out there.  This is not necessarily b/c people are putting out wrong information.  The issue is that people often share their personal experience and what works for them.  And as we all know, what works for one may not work for many.  As a statistician, I understand the value of research and fact finding.  This channel is not necessarily about my personal hair journey.  My goal is to help our community become more empowered in taking control of their hair, through the use of facts that I have accumulated through extensive research, and through building relationships with trichologists, chemists and cosmetologists.  Not everyone is going to agree with everything, and that’s fine.  I only hope that at least one of my videos teaches you something that you did not know and that your hair will benefit from.

5. What single piece of advice would you give to someone starting their hair journey? 
Hair is a very important part of our external beauty.  If I could only give a single piece of advice to someone just starting out on any hair journey, I would stress the importance of acquiring knowledge and fact finding.  It’s important to know exactly what’s going on, on a microscopic level so you have a clearer and more realistic plan and understanding on how to reach your hair goals

6. Name three of your favorite hair styles
Mini Twist updos (protective style)
My Perfect Low Bun
Kinky/Curly Puff

7. What has helped you most in achieving your current length/ hair health:
I have documented and will continue to document all of the knowledge I have gained on hair on my YouTube channel “Green Beauty Channel”.  These methods, I explain are exactly what I have followed to achieve my length retention.  It’s not difficult, it just takes and different way of thinking.  It a huge learning curve, but the result is well worth it. 

Once you understand the structure and the science of hair, creating a method/regimen to retain length is clear.  I will be uploading a video titled, “How to Start a Natural Hair Journey” in the near future.  It will include detailed instructions on what to do if your goal is to retain tons on length.

8. Where can we find you?
YouTube Page – Green Beauty Channel
Website –
Twitter - @GreenBeautyTalk
Facebook – Green Beauty Page


  1. Smart young lady. Very knowledgeable about hair.

  2. Where can I go to take the test for myself


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