Saturday, 11 May 2013

How can I prevent frizz?

So you're loving your curls but the second you step out the door it looks frizzy and crazy, as if you didn't just spend hours and hours styling it. How can we stop this annoying habit of our curly hair?

Cut Down Shampooing
Every time you shampoo with a SLS shampoo it strips your hair completely and clean hair is typically frizzy because it has nothing to weight it down. Instead try co-washing (washing with conditioner).

Use a moisturising conditioner
Adding moisture to the hair has been really significant in reducing my frizz. Before I had a routine focused around moisture my hair would frizz up when I went out to night clubs with my friends. This was basically a disaster because my bone straight extensions would remain bone straight whilst my natural hair would frizz up by about 5X. So it just looked super odd. When I started deep conditioning and moisturising my hair this stopped happening.

Using oils
This is particularly useful when there is humidity in the air, I just put a little bit of coconut oil or grapeseed oil  throughout my hair and it seems to prevent it.

Don't touch your hair when it's drying
If you keep fiddling with your damp hair it just creates frizz, try just leaving it alone.

Don't brush dry curly hair
Not only is this damaging but it also frizzes hair up, just leave it alone!

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