Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Embrace Messy Hair

I was reading this article when the finding that those who wake up with "horrid" hair spend over an hour feeling low (although that statistic isn't probably strictly true) and it reminded me of a time when I hated my hair. A time when I relaxed my hair and ripped it out with combs just because it wasn't perfect and the way it was "supposed" to look according to the media. In other words it wasn't, long, straight and shiny. Yes I do still yearn for this hairstyle but in doing so I do not wish to destroy my natural pretty curls! In fact I love the versatility that one day I could wear my hair silky straight and the next I could wear it big a curly.

In this post I just wanted to address some common hair hang ups, and why we should actually learn to love these hang ups!

I hate how big my hair is

Big hair means LIFE, it means VOLUME it means HEALTH. Yes you're little face or little body may be "swamped" by just how big your hair is, but that is what makes you unique. As long as your hair is healthy, who cares?! 

I'm sure we've all had "how do you cope with that much hair?" well now your answer should be "I just embrace it". It's part of you, it's part of your family and it'll be a part of your children so why not enjoy what you have and embrace it like the lady on the right has!

When I wake up my hair is crazy

We all hate the dreaded bed head hair, it's especially annoying when waking up with others, such as friends or boyfriends. Yes this sucks, but it is a an occurrence that we can all relate to. The best way to prevent this is to bun, pineapple or braid your hair. Plus use a satin or silk pillow case or bonnet. That way you'll wake up less crazy!

I hate that people make comments about my hair

It's true that being different makes us stand out, and as I have been a relatively shy person in the past, even nice comments about my hair made would make me shy and cringe.

Some love being centre of attention, but when the attention is centered around something you are not happy about it can be hard to  cope with. If you feel like that just remember not to shy away and hide, instead embrace it, love it and as maya would say be #shameless.

I hate that my hair is different

I feel that this can be particularly hard being mixed race, my mum has bone straight hair in comparison my dad has more afro textured hair than me and my friends mostly have wavy hair.

Having 'different' hair to family and friends can sometimes be a struggle. It can make it harder to know how to look after your hair and can also make it harder to accept your hair. Again, remember different if beautiful!

I would also like to stress the importance of social media. Although I am surrounded by people different to me in real life, I am surrounded my people similar to me online (instagram, pinterest, youtube etc.).  Watching confident, beautiful and happy women similar to me reminds me that I have reason to be just as confident as them.

So if you don't all ready, I recommend looking around for people to follow who are similar to you, who can inspire you and be role models. On a side note, confidence does come with time. If you're feeling shy about your hair you won't become confident overnight. For me I was shy until age 18.

I would love for you guys to tell me your hair hang ups and how you cope with them, leave a comment on email me! Don't forget to show your support by following me too!


  1. Saw your blog on twitter and am now so in love!
    Can you do more product reviews? what do you recommend for curly hair?

    1. Thank you so so much. I'll do my best, i'm doing a feature this summer which will be full of reviews especially for curly hair. Stay tuned.

      But in the mean time have a look at Mixed Chicks, Root2Tip, Mixed Roots and Curls Unleashed. Hope that helps.


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