Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How to look after your hair at university

Freshers is on it's way, the time of your life is about to begin. New people, new flat, new county, new everything. For me, I found my first year particularly hard to take care of my natural hair, in fact I didn't really look after it at all. It's as if I just forgot everything I knew about hair care, in favour of heat tools, quick detangling sessions and 1 minute 'deep conditions'.

 It's true, looking after your hair living at home is a whole lot easier than looking after to your hair at university. For me, my close friends were 5 boys and two girls with naturally straight long hair. So how was I going to get away with look deep conditioning sessions, over night curling and endless detangling.

Get your house mates involved

Turns out my friends love to learn about how I curl my hair without heat, how my hair always looks healthy and how I'm getting my hair to grow. Rather than being embarrassed or feeling awkward about the fact you have to do so much with your hair, why not share your knowledge. They may not care about the growing phases of a hair strand however.

Always deep condition

At university you are likely to have spontaneous nights out, although theses are often the most fun nights it can mean rushed styling. I honestly feel that as long as you deep condition once a week then you can still maintain healthy hair.

Yes you may have to get a few more inches off at the next trim than you're used to but it's worth it for all that fun you had, and trust me, you won't be havinf quite as much fun in second year so enjoy it whilst it lasts

Look for natural friends

I did find this particularly hard since I go to a predominately white university but I so have one friend who has stunning type four hair, and although I don't see her much when I do she keeps me inspired to keep looking after my hair.

Having people around you who understand the annoyance of frizz, the pain of long wash days and the trouble with finding the right product will really help motivate you. Just complimenting someone's beautiful locks could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Don't give up

University is big deal and you will run into problems from boys, exams to homesickness. The important thing is to never give up. Never give up on things you see as important even when times are low. When the good times come again, you'll be happy you stuck to it.

It's only hair

Don't let your hair stop you from having a good time, yes that foam party may result in frizzy hair and yes having a summer water fight means you'll have to go through wash day again but the experiences and fun you have at university are things you will remember forever.

What advice would you give to someone leaving for university?

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  1. Great tips Chantelle. How badly I treated my hair at Uni is actually the reason I ended up starting a hair journey! x

    1. how interesting! I think it's very easy to neglect our hair whilst at university


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