Saturday, 14 September 2013

Natalie Gumede: actress, dancer and hair crush!

Natalie Gumede is an actress on the soap Coronation street and now a contestant on strictly come dancing. But the only thing I could think about is her beautiful hair. It really health and never straight. It's also really long.

Here are a few of her hairstyles

I love this look, its a great way to show of her hair whilst still keeping it out her face

Glamours bun!

 What do you think of Natalie's hair? 
I would love to know how long it actually is!


  1. Considering the mean part she played in Corrie I will admit her hair is so stunning! She's looked after it well, I wish I had never cut my hair when I was thirteen and it'd had been as long as hers now! I chopped all my hair off after I turned nineteen around seven months back, it's grown into a little curly puff afro it's growing quite quickly actually.. I don't hate it I just wish I would hurry up ha ha.. But eventually I hope it'll be like this again.. I'm never messing with my hair again!

  2. I saw her on Strictly and all I was watching was her hair! Love it! I love your hair as well :) I came across your blog while I was trying to find ways to manage my daughter's mixed hair. I feel like mixed hair is a bit forgotten in UK - there are lots of products in US, but UK is slightly behind.

  3. How can I get my hair to grow quicker?
    Also, how can I get it to be less frizzy? Its sometimes curly, sometimes straight xxx

    1. This blog is full of tips, just have a look around.


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