Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Transformation Tuesday: Damaged relaxed to health natural.

The importance of reflection on anything, whether it be work experience, exams or a hair journey is important for a few reasons including seeing what works, what doesn't and even by seeing how far you've come.

The first time I started a hair journey was in 2007 when I was 14. Back then my hair was shoulder length, relaxed, dry and damaged. Here is the photo of how horrible my hair was. Sorry for the awful quality but like I said it was 2007!

I wore my hair in a bun a lot and didn't use much heat on it at all, however it was still pretty damaged. I've come to the conclusion that my hair just doesn't react very well to relaxers.

Below are photos two years later in 2009.

I had a lot of split ends and little length retention, my hair got to APL relaxed. It definitely wash't healthy but it was a huge improvement.

Skip forward to now. Only this year I can say my hair is truly healthy, I have little breakage (although still more than I would like). I've trimmed at least four inches of hair over the year to get rid of some damage but i'm still grazing MBL! It's crazy to see the transformation my hair has made over the years. Below is various photos from 2013.


In this photo my hair is product free, hence the frizz 

Then (relaxed), natural (now)

 I'm amazed at how far I've come, all the way from relaxed to natural.
Whats your Transformation Tuesday?


  1. Your hair IS Amazing! I'm yet to pluck up the courage to ditch the relaxers and weaves but your hair story is inspiring! In the recent photo's, is this your hair completely natural or do you use curlers/straighteners? What shampoo and conditioner do you use, and what are you mixed with? Sorry to bombard you with all these questions lol!!

    1. Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed the post.
      My hair is styled and straightened in those photos. That is my hair straightened and styled. My natural texture can be seen here: http://mixed-hair.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/texture-shots.html

      I.e. Very very big and very curly. I use a non sulphate shampoo by bed head, my deep conditioner is macadamia oil deEp repair mask. I'm mixed with English/ Germany and bajan. You can see my hair routine in the menu at the top of the page, althogh it's outdated ATM. I'm going to update it very very soon.

    2. Thanks so much :) i look forward to reading future posts :)

  2. Sorry about the huge typos in that.. My ipad doesn't seem to be very compatible with the comments

  3. I love love love your journey! Keep it up chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  4. Your hair journey is very inspirational and your hair is beautiful!!!

  5. Beautiful progress, Chantelle. Your hair looks so healthy and gorgeous!

  6. Wow amazing progress! Do u have any pics of ur natural texture? xx

    1. I do, should probably have included them in the post!

      and I've added a photo to the post :)


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