Thursday, 1 May 2014

Manetabolism Challenge

I'm normally very sceptical of hair vitamins and anything aimed to increase hair growth, but since my  July graduation is looming I will try next to anything to get my hair as long as possible by then.

I paid $52.74 for two bottles which included half price delivery to the UK, I then had to pay £13 in handling costs. So in total I paid £44 for 2 months... which is quite a lot tbh.

They were out of stock when I bought them online so they ended up taking nearly a month to arrive, which is ridiculous but hopefully worth the wait.

The tablet is pretty big and you have to take two a day, which i'm going to take in the morning.

I'm hoping it will increase my hair growth, below is a starting picture. I'll update in a month (ish) when I've finished a bottle which will be around the start of June. In that time my hair would normally grow about half an inch but i'm hoping for closer one inches.

Starting picture is from April 13th.

I have started taking these today (May 1st 2014) but am using the above picture as my starting photos since my hair would've grown very little since then. 

Have you tried Manetabolism?


  1. i used these vitamins and they worked amazing for me.

  2. I've never used these but I can't wait to see your end result :)

  3. Yes. I want to see the results.

  4. That tablet does look quite big but hope it works for you might just give it a try myself if it does :)

    1. I'll let you know,
      keeping my fingers crossed

  5. Where can you purchase them from uk? Would really like to try it :)

  6. Did they work Chantelle Emily and where did you order them from please?


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