Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My Current Products

Someone requested that I write down what products I use so here goes:

First its important to know I am a product junkie. I buy tons and tons of products use them once and leave them never to be used again.

My Favorite product in the world is 100% virgin coconut oil, I just get it from eBay.
I use it after I've used heat on my hair and I use it when my hair is dry. Coconut oil is a solid but melts in your hand and you don't need more than like a 5p piece as its very greasy. The good thing about coconut oil is that its molecules are small enough to get into the hair cortex to actually help hair health rather than give the appearance of healthy hair.

The Shampoo I use is this:

I like it because it has no sulphates and it smells really great!

My current conditioner is this:

I've used so many conditioners but I really like Bed Head because it doesn't have any nasty ingredients like mineral oil. I bought it on eBay for about £15.

My deep conditioner is this:
Its ion moisture solutions.

I bought it from sallys and I just use it when I feel like my hair needs a bit of a moisture boost. I just put it on my hair for a few minutes and it leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturised.

My protein conditioner is this:

I rarely use it but when I do I use it when my hair is feeling damaged and weak. The problem is that it does have mineral oil in it so I really do try to use it very rarely.

My current serum is this:

I like it but it is quite sticky. I use it before I straighten my hair

Heat protectant:
I just use any protectant that has nice ingredients in it.

Shine spray:
I love ion and this shine spray really is great and I got it for about 75p from sallys clearance.

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