Sunday, 19 August 2012

My Hair Care Journey

This a brief history of my hair:

My hair is naturally curly, its texture is 3b/c.

When I was around 14 I started to want to look after my hair, so the first thing I did was get a weave. I had it for about a year but I hated that I couldnt put my hair up and just found it a bit of pain.

Next I relaxed my hair, the picture on the left is when it was still pretty healthy but after a while it became damaged so I wore it in a bun everyday.
The end result of about 2 years of relaxer.

I got pretty sick of my hair and found it hard to look after it, so once again I got a weave:

Once again I got bored of having a weave, theyre expensive and painful. Also I felt a bit like I was wearing a wig so I stopped wearing a weave after 2 years. By this time my hair had grew out and this was the result. You can see on the picture on the left that my ends were still relaxed and straight.

I was so happy when I found that my natural hair was this long. However unfortunatly my relaxed hair was still half of the length of my hair and it all needed cutting off. I got it cut to my shoulders around August 2011. I started wearing Clip in extensions and caring for my hair:

I still currently wear my hair like this when I go out. But this is a length check of my hair atm, its about nipple length and its the healthiest its ever been. It is not relaxed. You cant really tell with the light but its so shiny and it moves so well. Ive never been happier with it and cant wait for it to grow longer and longer.

8th February previously straightened hair.

Update: I no longer wear my extensions because my hair is now longer than them. 

Length as of 8th April 2013 (Note: that is not my bra strap it a Bralet, in other words my bra ends about 1 inch and a half before the end of it.) Here we can see how in 2 months my hair has grown about an inch and a half.


  1. I love this blog!!! I cut my hair into a crop like 3 years ago and I am now trying to grow it back but for the past year nothing seems to be happening, it is just stuck at about bra strap length.
    Can you tell me what products you use so I can try them out please??

    1. Thanks for the feed back, I have competed a post on my products :)

  2. Great blog and very unique!!! Have you tried the keratin complex? It's a non damaging hair straightener. My mum has mixed race hair and it worked quite well. :) xx

    1. Thank you very very much!
      I havent what is it

  3. you go girl!!! this is Shadiyah from lhcf. just look at you and your waist length hair

  4. Your hair is beautiful, as is your spirit. I fell upon your blog when I unfortunately wasted 45 precious minutes of my life reading a blog wrought with many ignorant women. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Shame on them, you would think that in this day and age they would have somewhat evolved! Heaven forbid with they would have read these types of comments by Caucasian women.

  5. what do you do with your hair when you go to sleep, tie it up, make it in a bun. i sleep very badly, all over the bed, and when i wake in the morning my hair is a mess. any advice<<

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