Saturday, 29 December 2012

DIY Mayo, honey and coconut oil conditioner

It's wash day and I thought I would try my hand at another DIY conditioner.

Mayonaise makes a good product for our hair because it contains a lot of olive oil and some eggs. When choosing the mayonaise chose a full fat one with oil as its main ingredient.
Olive oil is good for moisture and eggs are great for protein, plus the other ingredients help to make it a good consitency for hair. Once again I didn't measure out ingredients just did it as I went.

I started with about 3 tablespoons of random conditioner and added 2 tablespoons of mayo. I mixed this together with a tiny bit of water. The next ingredients are optional, the reason I added them was because I know my hair likes them. I then added around 3 tablespoons of honey and 2 of melted/heated coconut oil.

It was really easy to apply because it was fairly thick, I spread it on my dry hair, making sure to avoid my scalp and also avoiding saturating my hair. Putting too much on could result in greasy or limp hair.

I whipped this together and I left this on my hair overnight. It left my hair really shiny and moisturised.

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