Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hair update

Currently I have noticed a real change in my hair; my hair is long, strong and healthier than ever before.
My hair is growing at a really steady state of about 1/2 and inch per month and my ends are retaining length.

This is my hair on 1st January 2012:
Just above APL (hair wasn't 100% straight as you can see)

This is my current length before my trim:
It's just grazing mid back length

This is my hair after a trim:

I got just over an inch off and after the much needed trim my hair is just about BSL, my layers do still need sorting out though and m ends looked horribly dry, so I made a DIY conditioner to help them. Its another 5-6 inches to waist length so if I continue this progress for the next year my hair will not be far off waist length.


  1. Waauw i love your hair it has grown so much its beautiful!

  2. Your hair looks lush, healthy and THICK!!!!

    Love it!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment!



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