Monday, 3 December 2012

My Chistmas Hair Wishlist

Since it's less than a month till christmas I thought I'd let you all know my hairmas list!
What you all think?
Have you tired of them?

Organix Brazillian 30 day smoothing treatment.
Its meant to eliminate '95 percent of frizz and curl and cuts blow drying time by 75% for up to 30 glorious days'. It's basically a simple keratin treatment which is more temporary than most. It's not overly expensive I am just worried it will damage my hair and am questioning if the results are really worth it. By the end of 2013 I will probably bite the bullet and go for it.

Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair honey 
I've heard good things about it and its very natural with good ingredients however shipping to england is so expensive! I was going to buy this and another product which came to about £20 which isnt bad but the shipping was an additional £24. When i'm feeling particularly rebellious I may just buy it, hope it's good and then not eat for an eat. I just cant resist a good product.

Carols Daughter Hair Balm

 Again i've heard good things about this, but te shipping is just too much. Not to mention I have another 50 barely used products sitting around.

Liese Ash brown hair dye

 I really want my hair to be slighter lighter, I am currently experimenting with honey lightning which is going well (I will do a post on it soon) but dying hair is so much quicker and easier than the slow process of honey lightning.

Kerastase chronologiste

Heard some great things about this, and i'm very interested to try it. Its an at home kit, you mix some of the pearl into the cream and leave it on your hair for a bit. It claims to make hair soft and shiny as well as adding some moisture and strengthenig the hair. The problem is the price tag! it's £85-£100. However I am so tempted by it! If I get some money over christmas I will probably buy it.

Whats on your beauty/hair christmas wish list? What would you buy out of these? What do you think I should try?


  1. I tried the Organix Brazillian 30 day smoothing treatment, it really worked! I mean, it was a lot of work, but the blow drying time was definitely cut in half. The straight hair lasted a super long time, until I washed it again. And when I did wash, there was very little frizz. Oh, and the curl returned after it was over (along with the frizz lol).

    1. Thanks for sharing, I'm just worried about heat damage :( x


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