Friday, 7 December 2012

My favourite youtube hair gurus:

As the title says these are my favourite youtube hair gurus, they are in no particular order and do prefer any over any others. They are not all mixed race but all have curly hair! There are many many other gurus on youtube these are just 5 of my current faviourites although it changes all the time.

Note: They are not all mixed race but they provide valuable tips and tricks on women of colour hair

1. SistaWithRealHair / Her new channel

Her hair is beautiful and the techniques she used to keep her hair that way are different to what I have ever seen e.g. not washing hair for a month! She is also funny and charismatic her videos are informative and easy to watch.

2. AndreasChoice

Her hair is beautifully long and she has videos of a lot of simple ways to keep hair healthy and strong. But not only does she make videos about hair care she makes them about everything from DIY ombre jewellery to locker essentials.

She doesn't have a lot of hair videos but the ones she does have are very interesting. I also love just watching her vlog videos because she is so entertaining. She also has a very good video on how she coloured her hair which is quite rare on youtube. 

Longest healthiest looking hair I've seen and she relax's her hair. To me anyone who can have hair this long, healthy AND relaxed must be some sort of hair godess! She has some really good videos for healthy hair care beginners which are informative and fun to watch. It's just a shame the products she mentions are hard to get in England!

Mostly love her because she is basically my hair twin. She has a very similar hair texture to me. She has some really good videos on curly styles and is really funny. I just love watching her videos even if they have no relevance to me.


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