Tuesday, 18 December 2012

What is your 2013 hair goal?

2012 is coming to and end, we all hear the typical sayings around this time of year 'This year I'll lose 10lbs' 'This year I'll stop smoking' 'New Year, New me'. But what about our hair goals?

Personally, my hair goal is to come close to grazing waist length.

The reason i've chosen this is because its realistic, i'm not sure I can actually reach waist length by the end of 2013 but hopefully I'll be close. But, of course  my most important goal is to keep my hair healthy.

Im going to properly deep condition my hair once a week, when I say properly I mean using the deep conditioning treatment for more than 30 seconds like what I keep doing.
Im going to start off the year with a  trim. My hair hasn't been cut in a very long time so it just needs a quick trim.
Going to keep my heat usage down and only heat style my hair once a week.

Whats your hair goal and how will you achieve it?


  1. My hair goal is to hit a solid APL, and my resolution to get there is by sticking to my hair regime.

    By the way, thanks for all your help! I subscribed to you via email(:

  2. Thanks for commenting and reading, I really appreciate it! Good luck :) x


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