Monday, 22 April 2013

Feature: Fresh Lengths

Hi my name is Lesley and I'm from London

 I am currently relaxed but the top portion of my hair isn't relaxed bone straight so it still has texture in it (texlaxed)

How long have you been on your hair journey?
 It will be 3 years in August this year

What's your hair goal?
To get it as healthy as possible and to have full thick ends. I'm not as bothered about length now I'm MBL

Have you had any set backs? if so, what?
Not exactly. When I first started my hair journey I was really reluctant to give my hair a big cut, so it means I've had to do a few mini chops along the way to get rid of ends that were damaged beyond repair.

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Would you consider going natural?
I think about going natural all the time. It's just getting myself to follow through that I seem to find hard. I've tried to transition a few times. 

What single piece of advice would you give to someone starting their (relaxed/texlaxed/natural) hair journey?
Always listen to your hair. It's nice that there are so many ways we can find information online about how to care for relaxed/texlaxed/natural hair but I see so many people just follow what someone else is doing. It's best to figure out what your hair likes and what it doesn't. 

Name 3 of your favourite hair styles
 I love sweeping my hair to the side, so low side pony's and braids. I love buns and braid outs too. 

Name 3 of your favourite products
 At the moment I love Joico Moisture Recovery and Morrocanoil Intense Moisture conditioners. Both of those really changed how my hair felt after conditioning - and it took me almost 2 years to discover them! I love oils as well but nothing too heavy so I stick to using Sweet Almond Oil the most.

You can find me over at I'm currently in the process of making YouTube videos so I hope to be on there soon too!

Update: She is now on youtube!


  1. I just stumble upon her blog a week ago. It's so informative. Love it! great post!

  2. I love her blog! One of the first ones I followed and Lesley is a very nice (and gorgeous) girl. Great interview!


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