Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Heatless Spiral Curls

 As some of you are aware I love wearing my hair in pretty curls and  never wear my hair straight. However, flat ironing upon curling and upon recurling is damaging!

I actually struggle to find a curling iron which can give me the same results as these heatless curls. But I love them. They can last all day, or you can brush them out and be left with looser curls which can show off your length more, they're really easy too.

Click "Read more" to find out how I achieve these curls.

I struggled with the photos of these because my hair is so dark
so I hope these photos are okay.

After months of experimenting I've found that the most important step to achieving beautiful heatless
curls is  actually the products you use before putting the curls in. I use Lush R 'n' B moisturiser, I then seal this with a tiny bit of coconut oil.  I do this on old flat ironed hair.

The result is shiny and pretty curls! I use the grey flexi rods which are 3/4 of an inch. I have attached a video below of how I put the flexi rods in, note that the girl in the video is not me. It's pretty simple though. I then go to sleep and in the morning take them out. Its so easy but does take a bit of getting used to so practise, practise, practise.

This is just one method for one type of curl. I have tried many different methods which can create different types of curls which I will probably post in the near future. The only down side of this is that if i'm going out in the evening it can be a bit of an issue because I'd have to walk around university, looking crazy with rollers in my hair but you can speed up the process by using a hair dryer for about 15 minutes and letting the curls cool for another 15 minutes. But sometimes I do just grab a hair curler instead.

I personally dont use hairspray with this because I don't feel the need, and hairspray isnt too great for hair.


  1. Great post, you have lovely hair :)



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