Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hair Typing Problems

When people start looking into their own hair types the first place they start is generally a chart similar to this one. I'm around 3b/3c however I have the issue that my hair isnt ringlets, it's 's' curls but type 3 doesn't allow for 's' curls. Importantly, so what if I'm type 3b/3c? The chart shows nothing other than what we already know. I recently came across a fantastic youtuber who has created a much much better typing system. Below is the video and you can read her interview with me here.

I've used the video to determine my own hair types
It actually helped me discover that my hair is actually fine, which explains why my hair coped with the chemicals in relaxers so badly.


  1. I think I'm in the 4 range but my hair is also fine. That's the reason why I stopped relaxing my hair

  2. Great video, Chantelle! That was so helpful. Hair typing has been so difficult for me. But those hair typing charts [1,2,3,4; a,b,c] really don't tell you much about your hair just the general "appearance" but there are so many other factors to consider and base your regimen around. I'm definitely subscribing to her channel. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Exactly! Her channel is amazing, her approach to hair care is simple yet scientific
      Thanks for reading and commenting


  3. Happy belated birthday! I just noticed your about me section changed from "19 year old" to "20 year old" I know I am observant like that:)

  4. This was very helpful, you've inspired my next blog post!
    My hair at the root anyway is spring like


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