Saturday, 29 June 2013

Newbie Series Part Four: Creating Hair Goals

Creating Hair Goals

Part one
Part two
Part three

So now you know how to take care of your hair, but how do you create achievable hair goals?

The best way to make goals, in both everyday life and in terms of hair care is to have an overall goal and then have many sub-goals and even sub-sub goals to get you there. 

You should start my making an "ultimate goal" this goal is where you will be at the 'end' of your hair journey. Now to reach this goal you will need to create sub-goals which can help you reach that ultimate goal. Examples of sub-goals include reaching other lengths, for example bra-strap length and having healthy hair. To reach these sub-goals you need to achieve smaller, more everyday goals such as, cutting off your split ends, protective styling 4 times a week, deep conditioning your hair once a week etc. Below is an example of some of my current goals with sub goals.

Ultimate goal: Reach Waist length

Sub-Goal one: Have healthy hair
Sub-sub-goal: Deep condition once a week
Sub-subgoal: Minimise use of heat to once every three weeks.
Sub-sub goal: Learn some heatless styles

Sub-Goal two: Have even ends
Sub-sub-goal: Don't trim hair myself
Sub-sub-goal: Get hair trimmed by a professional
sub-sub-goal: Grow out layers.

Having achievable goals with sub-goals are very useful when trying to achieve anything. And I feel that this is the most effective way to create hair goals for newbies. Don't forget to write this down somewhere, maybe create a private blog, tumblr etc where you can keep all this.

This leads onto how documenting your hair growth is very important. Take a photo of your hair when you have started you hair journey, make this picture good quality and ask someone else to take it. This picture is one you may be referring back to for many years. Put this picture in a safe place

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