Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Texture Shots

Today I thought I'd share some photos of my natural texture. I have a huge range of textures throughout my head and since my hair is so dense I found it particularly hard to take photos of  the curls, but here is my attempt.

I have a huge range of textures throughout my head from 2b - 3c and some strands are so fine that they are almost invisible, where others are very coarse and thick. However, for the most part I have fine dence hair so I treat it accordingly. These shots are with my favourite leave in conditioner in my hair.

Here you can see the finer hairs which tend to frizz up really easily. As you can imagine I have a lot of shrinkage, my hair is actually MBL, not too far off waist length but when my hair is curly its arm pit length to shoulder length.

This shot is of some of the looser textures, the length of my hair is often wavy with ringletty ends, it's always been than way so I can be sure it's not due to damage. I actually learned a lot from taking these photos it's pretty interesting to see all the different textures.

Do you take texture shots?


  1. I have tried taking texture shots before but they never came out well lol

  2. love this.. some of my curls are similar but i have such a wide mix, i have like literally a couple like 3a/3b.. then most is like 3c or 4a and even b lol!! so confusing xx

  3. i know the feeling! Some of mine are loose but some are REALLY tight! But I think overall i'm a 4a.


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