Friday, 11 October 2013

Winter hairspiration

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted much. I've just moved back to university and as usual it's come with lots of complications. I've fallen off the hair wagon and haven't been looking after my hair as well as I normally too. The easiest way to rectify this is to see some beautiful ladies with stunning hair!

 So for now I though i'd share a bit of hairspiration with you all.

I love this simple curly updo

 Unique double braided bun

These long curls are amazing, they look healthy right to the ends! Who couldn't be inspired by this?

This very cute little girl has the most beautiful kinks.

I love the colour and heath of her hair. But I mostly love how big it is!

Do you ever feel demotivated by your hair?
What do you do to rectify this?


  1. I sometimes feel demotivated when I think of the long wash day a head, but I just read other peoples blogs or youtube clips and I remember where I want to go! Hope you get your motivation back!

  2. these hairspirations are amazing! There is something so beautiful about mixed race hair :)


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