Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Top four places to get advice about your hair

From newbies to general hair lovers we all need and like to read advice about dealing with our hair issues. But where can we get our information from?. Here are my top four places to get advice about my hair!

When I was first looking into caring for my hair I stumbled across this site. I am now a member and I find that it has a wealth of information which is useful for people just starting out, to people who have been looking after their hair for years.. When signed up you can ask any question and you'll get tons of useful answers. But the forum isn't only about hair, there is also threads about fashion, nails and general chit chat. I find it particularly useful because there are very experienced members on the site, this means that if anyone says/ suggests something there will always be people to back it up or reject it. This means you end up with

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2. Hairlista
Hairlista is another forum that is useful, although I find that it's not quite as good as Long Hair Care Forum and has mostly relaxed ladies on there. However that doesn't stop me going on there and I love browsing the photos on the site.

3. Youtube.
Youtube is one of my favourite places to get advice about hair, beauty and fashion. Lots of videos are fun, watchable and full of great advice. You can read about my favourite youtubers here.

4. Blogs
I love reading blogs and I think they're a great resource. They're often very personal, which can be really useful and interesting to read. The best thing about blogs is that they're a great source of inspiration, wether that inspiration be in terms of health, length or hair styles. Some of my faviourite blogs include: maneandtellyolandaas, savingourstrands and freshlengths


  1. I am familiar with all of the above accept for Hairlista. I've heard good things about it. I think I will check it out. I'm a member of LHCF and I also love reading personal blogs and getting inspiration from other hair obsessed gals like myself. Oh and youtube is awesome for tips and tutorials as well. Great post, Chantelle! :)

  2. I need to get back onto the forums and get back to watching my YouTube gurus, it's been a while for me! They are filled with so much information. I love reading blogs too, you're such a sweetie for putting my name in there. Thank you lovely x

  3. The Long Hair Care Forum is such a great place to get information on how to take care good care of one's hair.I visit the site often and they talk about every type of hair. Nice post ,thanks for the info.



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  5. What about BHM? Black hair media? It is a free hair care forum for women of colour.

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