Sunday, 10 November 2013

Hair mistakes you're probably making

1. Using blunt scissors to cut your hair
Even if you've bought hair dressing scissors they can still get blunt after a while.

2. Using dirty brushes
Cleaning out your brushes doesn't just mean pulling the hair out. There is a simple tutorial here.

3.Applying shampoo to your ends.
You only need to apply shampoo to your roots. The remaining shampoo will fall down your hair strand and take the dirt with it.

4. Using a blow dryer on dripping wet hair.
Wait till your hair is 70% dry before using a hair dryer, it reduces heat usage and can prevent breakage

5. Not drinking enough water
Aim to drink four pints of water a day. In fact, go grab a glass now!

6. Covering your scalp in conditioner
This can lead to build up.

7. Putting your bun or pony tail in the same place
This can result in breakage from the constant pulling of some areas of your hair

8. Thinking you can fix split ends.
You just can't, trim them!

9. Not going seasonal
It's important to recognise that your hair faces different problems in different seasons. For example, in the sun your hair needs a heat protectant and in the winter your hair might need extra conditioning.

10. Not giving your hair a break
If your hair is in a bun all the time be sure to change it up every so often (see number 7) equally if you wear your hair down or heat styled try some protective styling from time to time.

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  1. Great post Chantelle! *runs off to buy new scissors for her hair*

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