Monday, 27 January 2014

DIY length check top

You can buy length check t-shirts for around £15, or you can make one for free! It's super easy and you can adjust it to your needs. For example, I chose not to just have numbers and instead have chosen to mark it to my body on it, this stops me having to wear so little when taking photos of my length.

 Next I drew lines from each dot.

I then drew dotted lines between two of the lines at one inch intervals. 

Here I labeled each line.

Here is the final result.

It's super easy, I don't know why anyone would bother buying a length check t-shirt.

What you buy a length check T-shirt?


  1. I like how you said "stops me from wearing so little" lol I personally cannot take a bra length check photo kudos to all those who do I just can't. My friend was arguing that it's the same thing as taking a length check photo in a bikini top. I told her no those are two different clothing items hahaha I would just feel so naked and exposed if I took a bra length check photo. Your last sentence loooool that is so me I can be a cheapskate at times why buy a length check tee when I can make one and I did! Any reason to save money or put it to another more necessary use:)

    1. It makes me cringe but I have took a few. Same, I don't like spending on things I don't need!


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