Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I have a problem: Junkie

Ladies, i've decided it's time. Time to step up and admit I have a problem. Thats right, my name is Chantelle and i'm a hair care junkie.

I don't know how I've ended up with all these products, thank fully I've got many of them for free or for very cheap.

Here are my seven shampoos, five of which have never been opened.  I've decided i'm going to share a few of them with my house mates and family in the hope of using some of them up.

Here is my collection of conditioners, including only one deep conditioner which is quite annoying. Again, I'm planning on putting a few in my bathroom to share with my house mates. The two bottles at the back are less than half full  so i'm well on the way to finishing them up

Here are my treatments, in other words things i've bought but will never use. With the exception of the Philip Kingsley pre-poo treatment which I love and have now used up!

Here are my "curly" stylers and leave ins, I have no idea how i'll get through these, I can imagine them lasting well over a year. Thankfully my curly haired sister will appreciate some of them. After taking this photo I actually found two more leave ins in my stash!

Here is my straight hair stylers and leave ins, thank fully a few of these are nearly used up however nine of them have never been used!

Additionally I have about 50+ samples, I like to save these for travel when they come in super useful.

I can't get over how many products I have, I'm determined to use them up by the end of this year! I'll do an updated product stash half way through the year to see how well i've done at using them up.

Are you a product junkie?


  1. We can all agree on one thing: NO MORE PRODUCTS until summer:-)

  2. Don't feel bad....I am trying so hard not to buy anythings else and to give away the things I'm not using. You'll get rid of them :-)

    1. I hope so, i'm also going things away haha!

  3. Yes. I am a product junkie. And I have no plans on changing. *Drops mic* Hahaha!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands


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