Saturday, 13 October 2018

My new love: Steampod

Anyone who follows me on twitter would've seen that I went ahead and bought a steam pod. It cost me £126.. a bargain, but considering i'm a student it probably wasn't the most sensible buy. However, I LOVE it.

The steam pod is made up on a little water pod and the flat iron, the flat iron is more bulky than what I'm used to but it's not too heavy.

That flat iron has a dial on the front, has light up blue lights when it's on and has arrows for for which way you should use the the iron. The reason you have to follow to arrows is because the steam come out on one side.

There are these teeth which help to smooth the hair down and it makes straightening a bit easier. Thankfully though it is removable so if you're worried about it breaking off your hair you can easily pull it out.

On the side there is and on and off switch along with a + and - buttons in order to change the temperature. There is five temperature settings from 170 degrees c, I find that 180 is the best for my hair.

On top of the pod is this little water container, you have to fill it up with deionised water. You can buy deionised water from my hardware stores. I got a huge bottle of it for 2£.25. The reason you need to use deionised water is because it stop lime scale forming in the iron. 

I've never had to refill the pod during use however it does pretty much run out after straightening my whole head.

The water container slots onto the top of the steam pod and clicks into place. The pod also has little feet which stick onto flat surfaces. This prevents it moving around when you're trying to style your hair.

It's also recommend that you use these two particular products with the steam pod. They are £17 each but I got one for free with the steam pod and one for 15% off. The products are light weight and I actually really like them. I will however eventually experiment with different products when using the steam pod.

The results of the steam pod are sleek, shiny and beautiful hair. I find that I can never really wear my hair straight when I straighten with GHD's because my hair tends to be frizzy and it just doesn't look sleek. I've got a feeling it's because flat irons just dry my hair out, in comparison the steam infuses moisture in to the hair so I could wear my hair straight if I chose to.

What do you think of the steam pod?

UPDATE 2018: I'm still using this now and its going strong. 


  1. Lovely results. I would so buy that if I had intentions of straightening anytime soon. Although I don't think it's available in the states yet(wld have to double check).

    1. I have heard the same about avaliability in he US

  2. I got a professional steampod treatment done at a salon and the results were beautiful but my roots didn't get as straight as I personally would have liked. I do like the idea behind the product though and the consumer version looks awesome. Great colour and not a bad price too x

    1. I read that post actually. The roots are a bit of a struggle but I manage it :)
      Thanks for reading

  3. I have been wondering about this, so thanks for doing the review! Lovely results! I saw you're end of the year update on lhcf. So of course I'll need to get one of these this year, lol! Happy New Year and God bless!

  4. I also have the same problem when using straightening irons , they tend to dry out my hair making it difficult for me to manage or style . I think the steam pod is worth a try ...but i may have to save up for it Nice post.


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