Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Where have I been?

I haven't posted in about 6 months!

But I am alive! I have just had a lot of life changes over the last few months. I've sat my university exams, written a dissertation, graduated from university, got my first graduate job, broken my wrist, and generally been enjoying myself.

I'm going to start this up again slowly but please bare with me - I'm also off travelling for a few months in February!


  1. Good to know you are alright!

  2. Good to know you're okay. Congrats on graduating and the new job x

  3. Congrats on graduating. You have definitely been missed!

  4. Welcome back! What happened with the other blog? 31 May something?

    1. Hi!
      I'll be updating shortly! I'm off travelling for a few months so will put that information there!

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