Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Product Haul and Mini Reviews

September Product Haul

So I bought a few products recently to 'stock up' on before university and this is a bit of what I bought. I didn't want to make this an overly long post so i havent reviewed everything in huge details. I will do reviews on a few of them as I go through them. Below is my first impressions of the products.

Lush: R & B Hair Moisturiser

Price: **** 
£10.95 which is a lot but I do feel like it will last a long time because you have to use so little of it. In addition, the natural ingredients make the price worth it for me.

Ingredients: *****
Very natural ingredients. Although I would be worried about using it before heat because the natural oils might fry my hair.

Smell: ***
It's a bit love hate. I find it slightly overbearing but sort of like it at the same time. Although, after using it for a day I dont feel like I smell of it which is good.

Texture/ Colour: ****
Yellowy beighy colour is fine. I really like the texture its smooth and light. Although some may find it a bit greasy if if your hair is thin.

Edit: After using this for several months I love it! 
I use it every night and stil have tons left

TIGI - Bed Head: Moisture Maniac
Bought from TK MAXX

Price: **
£7.99 for a 250ml bottle. It works out at £3.20 per 100ml which is a lot IMO. I would not pay the RRP of £12.95 for it

Ingredients: ****
Its first ingredient is water which is the most important thing in a moisturising conditioner of course. There isnt a ton of nasty ingredients either.

Smell: ****
Sweet smelling conditioner

Texture/ Colour: *****
Nice colour and the texture is thick and creamy.

TIGI - Love, Peace and the Planet: Let it be Leave-in Conditioner
Bought From TK MAXX

Price: *****
£3.99 originally £9.99.Which imo is pretty good.

Ingredients: ****
Really like the natural ingredients although it does have glycerin in it which some people might not like.

Smell: *****
In LOVE with the smell. Its described as Cherry Almond and I adore it.

Texture/ Colour: ***
Nice colour although the texture is a bit watery and messy.

Edit: After using this for several months I am disappointed and feel it does nothing for my hair

TIGI: Rockaholic livin' the Dream sulphate free shampoo + energy
Bought from TK MAXX

Price: ****
£12.99 for 750ml which works out at £1.73 per 100ml which isnt bad. It was originally £19.95

Ingredients: ****
No sulphates which is the main thing I look for in a shampoo.

Smell: **
Not overly keen on the smell, it smells of green tea.

Texture/ Colour: ****
Clear colour but the texture is a bit runny

TIGI: Catwalk - Headshock Reconstructive Intensive Conditioner
Bought from TK MAXX for 12.99 for 750ml

Overall first impression: ****
Appears to be a good protein conditioner

Edit: been using for about a month and really love it, especially when my hair need a good protein boost

Mogador: Conditioner enriched in Argan Oil
Bought from TK MAXX for £3.99

Overall fist impression: ****

Aussie: Dual Personality heat protection and leave in spray
Bought from sainsburys for around £4.50

Overall first impressions: ****
Appears to do the job.

Edit: Been using for about 2 months, still have a lot left. Its nothing special but does the job

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